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Automatic Mini Electric Food Chopper Portable Mini Food Processor


Cut your preparation time in the kitchen with this wonderful Mini Food Processor. You only have to press the button and your ingredients such as garlic, onion, chili, and ginger will be minced in no time. Saving you from crying while manually chopping the onion and stinging from mincing the chili.

Battery Operated Electric Bottle and Wine Opener Automatic Corkscrew


Make your life easier by switching to an Automatic Wine Bottle Opener. This device cuts your work in half by opening the wine bottle without you twisting the cork and risking that you might put too much force and break it. This item is perfect for home commercial use, especially for bars and fine dining restaurants. 

Battery Operated Electric Wine Bottle Opener


Impress your date on a romantic night with this Electric Wine Bottle Opener. You can open a wine bottle easily in a span of few seconds without the difficulty of using the traditional corkscrew.

Easy Operating USB Rechargeable Automatic Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

Product Description: Skip the long lines at coffee shops and have a freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere you want to

Stainless Steel Automatic Magnetic Bottle Cap Opener


Open bottles in seconds to keep your friends and customers from waiting. With this Magnetic Bottle Opener, you can open a bottle of beer or soda without the hassle and long waiting time. 

TH104 Key Finder Battery Operated Wireless Item Alarm Locator


This Key Finder helps to locate items you often lose. Attach the receiver to your small items, push the color-coded buttons, and follow the beep sound attached to the receiver to help you find them

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USB Charging Portable Blender and Smoothie Maker


This Portable Blender is a powerful tool that is easy to use and easy to clean. It is portable and wireless, so you can take it anywhere. It comes with a powerful battery that will last up to 15-25 blends on a single charge. It can crush frozen fruits and make smoothies in seconds.

USB Interface Cool Mist Sunset Lamp and Room Humidifier


Keep the air you breathe moisturized to prevent having dry coughs and maintain your health and enjoy the sunset that this lamp emits, perfect for setting the mood in your room and also useful for picture taking.  

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USB Interface Smart LED App Controlled Ambient Vertical Light


Add lighting effects to your gaming and movie room to suit the mood and hype the moment with this Ambient Vertical Light. This light can be controlled using an application and remote control, enabling you to control and set the light without hassle. 

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USB Interface Smart LED Light Bars APP Controlled Gaming Lights


The light bars add depth of color to your movie and gaming room which creates a more impressive ambient system. Enhance your gaming room lighting decor to help you fully immerse yourself in the gaming world.

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USB Powered Coffee and Beverage Cup Warmer suitable for Mugs and Cans


Short Description:

Keep your coffee hot. Maintain its temperature with this USB Powered Coffee and Beverage Cup Warmer. This warmer helps in maintaining the hotness of your drink. You can connect it directly on a laptop or a power bank and you’ll never have to drink a cold beverage again.  

USB Type C Rechargeable Portable Electric Coffee Bean Grinder


Make coffee with freshly ground coffee beans with this Portable Electric Bean Grinder. This electric coffee grinder can be used to quickly grind coffee beans, allowing you to enjoy a fragrant cup of coffee in your free time or when you are busy working.