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4K HD Remote Control Fixed Height Mini Folding Aerial Camera Drone for Aerial Photography

Product Description: Fly high and capture great images up from the sky. This HD Remote Controlled Camera Drone has a

HD Remote Controlled Dual-Lens Folding Aerial Drone 1080P & 4K Resolution


Capture magnificent high-quality aerial pictures and videos easily with the help of this Remote-Controlled Folding Aerial Drone. Very easy to use, perfect for professional and amateur photographers as well as photography enthusiasts.


LED Three Lamp Head Portable Flash Light-USB Rechargeable


This portable flashlight has an upgraded three bulbs in one LED Flashlight, consisting of one main light and two auxiliary bulbs which can be rotated for extensive angle lighting, and observation up to 500 meters.

Mini Foldable Aerial Camera Drone in 4K HD Resolution with Bag (USB power supply)


Fly high and capture great images up from the sky. This HD Remote Controlled Camera Drone has a built-in HD camera in 4K and two HD cameras for the 4K resolution. Surprisingly, it can capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky. It comes with remote control for easy directing and controlling.

Portable Laser Angle Level Measurement Device- USB Rechargeable


Laser Angle Measurement Device provide fast and accurate measurements in woodworking, construction, machinery, telecommunications, automotive, and more. It is also suitable for masons, decorators and home use. Sturdy and durable, resistant to falling and wear, it can be used in harsh working environments. Laser angle measurement device can greatly improve work efficiency. 

USB Portable Wireless Travel Charger for Apple Watch


Charge your smartwatch without bringing the traditional bulky charger with this portable one. Just slide it into your pocket or hook it on the bag. The keychain design allows you to hang on the keychain to prevent loss when you travel.

USB Rechargeable 4K Resolution Mini Folding Drone with Remote Control


Capture majestic views and photographs with wide-angle through the air with this Mini Folding Drone. This drone can hover, fly, and capture memories that will be hard to do with the traditional camera we have. Perfect for vlogging, wedding ceremonies, parties, and other once-in-a-lifetime events.